The Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Residual Stresses are now available.

There are 157 accepted articles that can be viewed online which will give you an in depth look at some of the scientific advances that were presented at the conference. 

To access them, first you need to visit:, you can then try to access a specific paper in PDF format. The papers will be indexed in several bibliographic databases. Information was already sent but each database has its own delay which can be several months. For more information, please go to

This information is also being emailed to participants who attended the conference.

Please note that submission of a full paper was not mandatory to participate in ECRS9. If you are interested in a specific communication which is not in the proceedings, please contact the author directly for more information. The slides corresponding to the presentation were not archived.

We wish you interesting reading and many thanks again for making the ECRS9 a wonderful success!

ECRS9 Organizers & Editors
(Manuel François, Guillaume Montay, Benoît Panicaud, Delphine Retraint, Emmanuelle Rouhaud)