ECRS is a well-established cycle of conferences about Residual Stresses which alternates every 2 years with the ICRS cycle. It follows the 8 previous editions held in Karlsruhe (1983), Darmstadt (1990), Frankfurt/Main (1992), Cluny (1996), Delft (1999), Coimbra (2002), Berlin (2006) and Riva del Garda (2010).

It is a convivial gathering of scientists, students and engineers interested by Residual Stresses which is a multi-scale phenomenon that influences most of the physical properties of materials and surfaces.

Although it concerns mainly mechanical engineering and materials science, it is of interest in solid state physics, life sciences, geology or chemical reactivity of solids. The control of residual stresses leads to enhanced properties of materials and structures as, for instance fatigue life or geometrical stability (distortions). As a very sensitive parameter, strongly influenced by the micro/nano-structure, the analysis of residual stresses gives a unique insight in the history of the material or the structure.

This conference will be a lively occasion for scientist in multiple disciplines (mechanics, physics, optics, chemistry of solids, manufacturing, diffraction, engineering…) using experimental, theoretical or numerical tools, to exchange their views and recent advances on the theme.

It will be held in University of Technology of Troyes (U.T.T.). Troyes is a human sized city of 126 000 inhabitants located in the region of Champagne, just 90 minutes from Paris and 20 minutes from Europe's largest lake system.

It has a rich historical heritage: most of the houses in the city centre are dating from 1530 which makes Troyes a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architectural qualities. Many gothic churches are famous for their stained glasses features and Troyes is an “in-situ” experimental laboratory for the protection and restoration of old stained glass windows. The "factory outlet shops" were born in TROYES in the 1960s, to sell off local manufacturers' ends of lines. At first only open to factory staff, little by little they were opened to the general public. The greatest international brands are now represented. They make TROYES a major centre for Textiles and Clothing, and the true Capital for "factory shops" for personal outfitting.